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Ki & Lawrence, The Old Hall, Ely

October 2016

Ki and Lawrence will be having a Civil Wedding Ceremony at the Old Hall, Ely tomorrow and we are looking forward to plenty of Chinese tradition, mixed in with an English country wedding venue. We are starting off with a Chinese Tea Ceremony, were Kia and Lawrence will honour their families in the traditional way, and we are led to believe that Ki will be wearing a red Chinese wedding dress for this part of the day. Once we have covered the Tea ceremony, Kia will be getting changed in to a traditional English wedding dress for the ceremony with Angela from White Rose Ceremonies and will remain in this dress for the majority of the day, other than the speeches when she will change to a different red dress, she's certainly going to be busy. I don't know if the staff at The Old Hall will have seen so many dress changes in one day, but I'm sure it's going to leave us all with some great memories. 

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Ki & Lawrence, The Old Hall, Ely

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