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Question 2

January 2017

Over the next few weeks we will be posting some useful questions that couples should ask photographers at their initial wedding consultation, before they book, and most are questions that couples never even think of.

Question #2 - 'What will you do if it rains, I don't want my guests getting wet, but I still want lot's of group photo's'

As professional photographers, we are constantly monitoring the weather and having to move things around to make sure that the day flows, whatever the conditions. We may have planned to photograph all of your group shots at 2pm, but then the heavens open up and the last thing we want is for your guests to be wet and miserable. 

At 2pm we would come to you as planned and ask if you are ready to do the group photographs, but no doubt you would think we are mad as its raining. In fact we will have spent the last 15minutes setting up studio lights in a suitable area inside. We can then shoot all of your group in the dry and still light them perfectly. Your guests stay dry and warm and everyone is happy. 

You can never plan enough with the British weather, so we make sure we have every base covered.

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Question 2

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