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Question 3

January 2017

Over the next few weeks we will be posting some useful questions that couples should ask photographers at their initial wedding consultation, before they book, and most are questions that couples never even think of.

Question #3 - 'A friend of ours lost half of their wedding pictures because the photographers memory card was corrupt, how can this be avoided at our wedding'

Firstly, we only shoot with small memory cards that hold a few hundred rather than a few thousands images, this way if something was to go wrong, less images are lost. But we never want to loose a single image, and to ensure this we shoot with the latest Nikon cameras that hold two memory cards. These memory cards continually back each other up, so if one was corrupt, the other would be the safety net. We swap memory cards for new ones every wedding season, and touch wood, have never lost an image in the fifteen years we have been shooting with digital cameras, and never will.

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Question 3

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