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Question 5

January 2017

Over the next few weeks we will be posting some useful questions that couples should ask photographers at their initial wedding consultation, before they book, and most are questions that couples never even think of.

Question #5 'What happens if you are sick on the day, and unable to cover our wedding?'

If you are going with a company that employs a team of photographers, they should have someone else who can step in. But if you're going with a one man band, or a two man team like us, its always best to check if there is a contingency plan.

We work with a group of photographers that shoot a similar style and are more than happy to step in if either one of us can't make it because of illness. A broken leg is never planned, and will obviously ruin our day, but we won't let it ruin yours and one of our trusted colleagues will work along side us to make sure that everything goes as planned. 

Having said this, in the thirty years of shooting weddings, not one has been missed and fingers crossed never will.

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Question 5

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