Andy Fountain Photography

Gemma & Jos, Hengrave Hall

May 2017

When Gemma and Jos arrived at the studio for their pre wedding session, we wanted to shoot somewhere a bit different, a bit quirky and with the wind blowing a gale, our local nature reserve was the only option, but we had a trick up our sleeve. We have always looked at an old disused farmers shed, but it's dark in there and so we stayed away from it until today. When you shoot with the latest Nikon cameras, you can shoot in any light conditions and we love the urban feel to the first set of shots.

The couple will be getting married at the beautiful Hengrave Hall later in the year, and with such a cool couple, the photographs are going to be fantastic we are sure. 

Weddings are all about creating memories, those special moments that you’ll want to recall time and time again.

Everything about this picturesque venue, from its spectacular pastoral setting to its grand halls and luxurious chambers, is guaranteed to create a romantic experience that can only be described as truly unforgettable.

Whether you choose to hold the wedding service itself at Hengrave or simply to have the reception in the grounds, it is entirely up to you. However you envision your perfect day, whether you are planning on a grand or entirely intimate affair; Hengrave promises classic charm and exclusivity, and always with a touch of magic…

Gemma & Jos, Hengrave Hall

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