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British weather and weddings, a mixed affair!

September 2013

Well the weather seems to have turned, one minute it was summer, the next we seem to have by passed Autumn and gone straight to winter!

The last two weddings in September have both started off cold and wet with the possibility of a misserable day, but luckily both days turned out ok and we ended up with some good weather. As a photographer, we are paid to cope with any weather conditions, in fact I get excited if it's stormy as we are put under pressure and this is when our creative professionalism and experience shines through. We are quite happy to shoot groups inside using our studio lights or a funky stormy couple shot outside using our mobile lighting, whatever the weather, we are ready to ge tthe best from it.

The venue plays a big part when the winter arrives, you are not going to get the same shots from a village hall as you will at somewhere like the Old Hall near Ely, Barrington Hall near Cambrudge or Hinchingbrooke House in Huntingdon. Choosing the right venue can be a tricky decision, but always consider the weather when you make your choice.


British weather and weddings, a mixed affair!

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